We only use the best materials for each job, we discuss your requirements and then advise what will work best for a long lasting job.

Solid Wood

Oak, American Black Walnut, Scots Pine
We can construct kitchens, bedrooms furniture or any piece of free standing furniture from any solid wood you desire.
oak wood sample
american black walnut wood sample
American Black Walnut
scots pine wood sample
Scots Pine

Veneered Wood

Cherry, Beech, Maple
Veneered woods have had a bad rap, this come primarily from the early part of the 19th century where veneering became common place in a lot of furniture however the glues used were not moisture resistant and delamination was possible. 

Modern Veneered timber use high quality glues and has the same moisture resistant qualities as solid wood. 

The best cuts of timber are reserved for veneers giving the most interesting patterns. 

A combination of solid wood and veneered wood can produce a strong stable piece of furniture. 
cherry wood sample
beech wood sample
maple wood sample

Melamine Boards

Red, Aubergine, Yellow
We only use Egger 18mm MFC (Melaimine faced chipboard) in the construction of units. 

They offer a vast range of colours and woodgrains , we finish all face edges in 2mm colour matched PVC with 1mm elsewhere.. 
We use Farrow and Ball to paint any piece you would like.

Follow this link to see the range of colours possible:
red colour sample
aubergine colour sample
yellow colour sample

Painted Finishes

Breakfast Room Green, Charlotte’s Locks, Shaded White
We can construct any solid wood doors you require. 

We also have access to over 450mm colours/styles of melamine wrapped doors to finish off your project.  

Follow this link to see the range of colours possible:
breakfast room green colour sample
Breakfast Room Green
charlotte's locks colour sample
Charlotte’s Locks
shaded white colour sample
Shaded White

Cabinet Doors

Amberley High Gloss, Goodwood Swiss Pear, Washington Stone Grey, Metallic Blue, Wadhurst Pippy Oak
amberely high gloss colour sample
Amberley High Gloss
goodwood swiss pear colour sample
Goodwood Swiss Pear
washington stone grey colour sample
Washington Stone Grey
metalic blue colour sample
Metallic Blue
wadhurst pippy oak colour sample
Wadhurst Pippy Oak
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